Re-sound design reels

re-sound design of destiny 2

This is a re-sound design of Destiny 2. None of the original audio was used here. I do not claim any credit of the original sound design. All sounds used here are royalty free. My credit of the re-sound design is foley, sound aquisition, sound design, and final mixer. I will be adding original music very soon. In the mean time, please go here to listen to music samples.



Password is: Gather

My credit is Sound Design, Foley, Post Production Audio, and Final Mix in 5.1. (This version is stereo for internet listening and a 5.1 version is available by request.

sound design sessions

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Intuitive audio begins here...



This portion is still under construction...(but)

I have extensive training in sound design in the world's leading sound design software/hardware: KYMA, Max 7, Ableton Live, Wwise, and Fmod. I have a sample below of a KYMA sound design session. For sound design in a musical context please watch Animal Tech and Visceral Clairvoyance. If you would like to see/hear more samples in post production film or video games, please go to the contact page HERE to make a request for more samples. There will be more coming in the near future.